The UnBiquitous

The UnBiquitous Research Group was born in 2007 as a development of Alexandre Gomes Master Thesis. As the name announces we're interested in Weiser's vision of the Ubiquitous Computing (or just ubicomp). Following his first articles and the following development of researches and companies we aligned our efforts for the creation of the so called Smart Space.

Our vision of a Smart Space relies in the intelligent use of the computational resources in the environment. We believe that computing capabilities will be more and more pulverized in common objects over time. In this reality the a transparent and coordinated way of this devices to cooperate in order to aid the users will bring to life what ubicomp truly intended.

Our current efforts relies on the development of the uOS middleware along with the techonogies that are related to it like the DSOA architecture and the uP protocol. Our efforts are focused in the following areas although not restricted to them.
  • Pervasive and Mobile Computing
  • Pervasive, Context Aware, Geolocated, Mixed-reality, trans-reality and ubiquitous games
  • Middlewares
  • Communication Protocols
  • Security Protocols
  • Ontologies